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Turkish Airlines To Support Baby Girl Born On Flight Featured

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Company chairman says Turkish flag-carrier will help support baby Kadiju who was born midair earlier this month

A baby born on a Turkish Airlines flight earlier this month will have the support of Turkey’s flag carrier for her future, the company’s chairman said on Thursday.

Ilker Ayci told reporters at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport the baby girl -- who was born midair on a flight from Guinea to Turkey -- would have educational support from the airline.

The company would like to see her as a staff member of Turkish Airlines one day, Ayci added.

Earlier this month, Diaby Nafi, a French-Guinean passenger gave birth to a healthy baby girl midair.

With the help of the cabin crew -- who are trained for such contingencies -- Nafi gave birth at an altitude of 13,000 meters (42,000 feet).

The little girl was named Kadiju.

Ayci said he was very happy to learn Kadiju and her mother were in good health.

 Laptop ban

Regarding a controversial ban on certain electronic devices in aircraft cabins, Ayci said Turkish Airlines was trying to present passengers with alternatives.

In March, the U.S. and U.K. introduced bans on electronic devices as carry-ons in flights coming from certain countries, including Turkey.

Reporting by Izzet Taskiran; Writing by Handan Kazanci

Ayci said Turkish Airlines was working to provide laptops to business class passengers who delivered their computers to the company before flights.

For economy passengers free Internet and Wi-Fi would be provided, he added.

Ayci said that they were working with the relevant authorities to install tomographic scanners at airports to control electronic items for passengers flying to the United States.

“I do not believe such an irrational decision can last for long. In the end, these decisions will be softened, relaxed and be completely removed,” he said.

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