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Turkey's Machinery Exports Reach $8B in 7 Months Featured

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This reflects 5.2 percent increase compared with same period last year

Turkey’s machinery exports rose by 5.2 percent to $8 billion in the first seven months of this year compared with the same period last year.

According to data from the Machinery and Accessories Exporters Union (MAIB), one of the sectors that provided the biggest increase in exports was machinery.

Between January and July, Germany was the top destination for Turkey’s machinery exports; there were also significant inroads into the Russian market.

Exports to Russia rose by 62 percent to $161 million during the same period.

The union's executive board Chairman, Adnan Dalgakiran, said: "Considering the potential for new investment in Russia, it seems appropriate to raise machine exports to higher levels."

"We believe that the increase in exports will continue in the second half of the year."

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