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Cargill to Acquire Turkey's Ekol Gıda

  • Published in Business

Commodities trader Cargill said on Wednesday its animal nutrition business has agreed terms to acquire a 51 percent stake in Ekol Gida, which operates in premixes and feed additives markets in Turkey.


OECD: Turkey's Employment Numbers Rank 3rd

  • Published in Business

Next year, Turkey is expected to become one of the three countries with the highest employment rate among OECD members. According to OECD data, Turkey will add 526,000 people to its 25.57 million-strong labor force next year. According to the OECD's projections, the U.S. is the country that will have the highest employment increase in 2016, with 1.6 million expected to join the approximately 148.5 million-strong labor force. The second country expected to have the highest increase in its labor force after the U.S. is Mexico with 1.2 million. Turkey is in third place. According to these figures, Turkey's employment increase will surpass world giants such as the U.K., Canada, France and Germany. Japan is facing one of the worst scenarios, as the OECD data suggests 229,000 people will leave the labor force in Japan, which is currently composed of 63.4 million workers.

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