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Turkey’s Refugee Efforts Phenomenal, More Countries Should Help It, Lindsay Lohan Tells CNN

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Hollywood star and singer Lindsay Lohan praised Turkey's refugee efforts once again, and urged more countries to join Turkey in helping refugees fleeing war-torn Syria and the region.

"What they've done in Turkey for the Syrian refugees is phenomenal," Lohan told Becky Anderson from CNN's Connect the World program.

She noted that Turkey is doing so much for the refugees as all other countries stand idly by, as many people in the U.S. and Britain only hear about the refugees in the news and think that's the whole story. For instance, she said that there are orphaned Syrian refugee children living in abandoned buildings in Athens, but nobody really does anything about it.

She urged more countries to join the humanitarian efforts to provide sustainable assistance to the refugees.

Lohan said that she is planning to go back to Turkey for Syrian refugees in January.

Lohan, who was in Turkey in September for the promotion of a Turkish company, visited a refugee camp for Syrians in the southeastern city of Gaziantep and met a Syrian family living in Istanbul's Sultanbeyli district twice during her visit to the country as part of her humanitarian mission for Syrian refugees, currently one of the largest group of refugees due to the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Hosting almost half of the 4.2 million displaced Syrians in the region over the past three years; Turkey has borne the largest share of the refugee burden.

The number of Syrian refugees living in Turkey has exceeded the sum of the populations of the 15 least populated Turkish provinces.

Contributing nearly $9 billion to humanitarian aid during the ongoing Syrian crisis, Turkey's aid for Syrian refugees has been 20 times more than the aid received from international organizations, according to the Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Authority (AFAD).

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