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UN Panel Agrees to Move Ahead With Debate on 'Killer Robots'

  • Published in Tech

A U.N. panel agreed Friday to move ahead with talks to define and possibly set limits on weapons that can kill without human involvement, as human rights groups said governments are moving too slowly to keep up with advances in artificial intelligence that could put computers in control one day.

How US Taxpayers Support Armenian Lobby

A few days ago the Armenian edition of VOA prepared a reportage full of criticism of the leadership of Azerbaijan and calling Baku an aggressor.

The American multimedia broadcasting company Voice of America, financed by the US government, or in other words - the state taxpayers, and providing information to the international audience in more than 60 countries "dances to the bell" of the Armenian lobby, Novosti.Az reports. 

The company repeatedly prepared materials serving the interests of pro-Armenian circles, and, as developments show, does not give up such an information policy.

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