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Happy 75th, Bugs Bunny

“Inside Out” spotlighting anew the brilliance of the studio’s famed “brain trust,” it’s worth dwelling today on arguably animation’s first great brain trust — at least the first great one since so many characters lived in lone genius Winsor McCay’s head.


The Foodie Traveller … Takes A Test of pide, Turkish Pizza

The term pide generally refers to a boat-shaped Turkish pizza that is topped with meat and cheese and cooked until crispy. But pide can mean different things: Ramazan pidesi is sweet doughy bread served at Ramadan; a similar style of pide is used in kebab shops as a base for cooked meat; and içli pide, or filled pide, is the type I know and love.


First Armenian Director of State Opera and Ballet

Kevork Tavityan has been appointed as the new head of the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet. He is the first Armenian head of the institution. Previously working as the conductor of the opera choir, Tavityan has been appointed to replace Şamil Gökberk, who retired due to the age limit. Speaking to Armenian-Turkish weekly newspaper Agos, Tavityan said: "I am proud and happy to take this important position."


Cappadocia Preparing For Month-Long Classical Music Feast

Travelers and residents of the coveted tourist destination Cappadocia will be treated to a of myriad musical events ranging from classical Western to classical Turkish music and jazz at the 6th International Music Festival "Klasik Keyifler" (Classical Joys) from Aug. 1-23. The annual music fest will be a great chance to listen to plenty of Mozart, Johannes Brahms, Igor Stravinsky, Bela Bartok and Antonin Dvorak as well as Tanburi Cemil Bey and İsmail Dede Efendi, the masters of classical Ottoman music.

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