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Turkey Condemns Germany Allowing Terrorist PKK Rally

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PKK symphatizers marched in central Frankfurt with banned PKK posters and flags, defying German laws

Turkey's Foreign Ministry on Saturday evening has condemned Germany for allowing terrorist PKK followers to march in the city of Frankfurt.

In a written statement, the ministry said it is a "thought-provoking case" within the scope of fight against terrorism that Germany -- which recognizes PKK as a terrorist group -- allowed symphatizers to use PKK symbols and its jailed head Abdullah Ocalan's posters during the marching.

"We condemn this insincere attitude," the ministry said, adding that Germany's envoy in Ankara has been informed about the discomfort on the issue.

German officials Saturday allowed terrorist PKK followers to march in the city of Frankfurt, in marked contrast to its recently blocking Turkish ministers and politicians from addressing Turkish voters in the country.

Around 9,000 people marched in the central German city of Frankfurt with banned PKK posters and flags, openly defying the federal government's prohibition of terrorist symbols in public places.

The PKK sympathizers also carried banned posters and flags and shouted slogans against Turkey, even though the Interior Ministry on March 2 updated its list of prohibited PKK symbols to include the image of the terrorist organization's jailed head Abdullah Ocalan.

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