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Turkish Olive Oil Found to Fight against Alzheimer’s Featured

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Olive oil has been found another miraculous component with an ability to kill cancer cells.


A certain type of Turkish olive oil, produced from the olives grown and harvested in a region called “Edremit”, a district in Balıkesir Province on the west coast of Turkey, has been found a chemical component able to fight against Alzheimer’s and cancer.

A study revealed out that a certain type of chemical called “Oleocanthal” has been abundantly found in the Edremit olive oil, with a high ability to fight against Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Meanwhile, a group of science people led by Prof. Gülendam Tümen teaching at Balıkesir University as the head of Biology Department, has started scientific studies on the olives oils produced in Edremit.

Ms. Tümen said that their studies have already yielded very positive results that “Oleocanthal” has showed very beneficial effects in curing and preventing Alzheimer’s, rheumatic diseases and cancer.

She added that they found out that Oleocanthal has the ability to kill cancer cells in 30 minutes and said “As we progress we saw that Oleocanthal was also fighting against Alzheimer’s.”

Olives grown in Edremit region are especially rich in Oleocanthal.



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