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Genes Behind Lung Disease in Smokers Decoded

  • Published in Health

Researchers looked at the health records of more than 50,000 people in an attempt to find out why some are coughing their lungs out halfway up the stairs while others cope just fine with the rigours of smoking. The findings could also help improve interventions aimed at helping smokers to give up.


(Watch) UW Research Team Reports Success In Brain-To-Brain Interface

  • Published in Health

In a research report published in PLoS One, researchers Andrea Stocco, Rajesh Rao and colleagues at the University of Washington have figured out a new way to set connection between brains of two persons through the Internet. The project is still in its initial stages of development and a typical conversation takes hours to transmit. Nevertheless, research on these brain-to-brain interfaces, as they are called, is valuable because it might one day allow patients with brain damage who cannot speak to communicate using other means. Participants, during the study, played game of ’20 questions’ without speaking to each other.

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