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President Of Diyanet Görmez Issues Statement After The Barbaric Terrorist Attack At The Atatürk Airport…

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President of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez issued a statement on the barbaric terrorist attack at the Atatürk Airport.

Damning the disgustful attack President of Diyanet Görmez made the following comments:

I strongly condemn and damn the terrorist elements who have targeted all of us and all of humanity in the person of the innocent people at the Atatürk Airport, I condemn and damn the ideologies they belong to, I condemn and damn their references points and so called values irrespective of what they are during a holy night as we approach Lailat al-Qadr and the Eid.

This ugly attack that occurred at the time of the iftar dinner as we end the fast and which was launched by the circles of evil who are devoid of conscience and compassion and who lack morals, decency and shame will be defeated by the cries of millions of Muslims and innocent people. These attempts that target our humanity and aim to take hostage our freedom of life will be disgraced and condemned by the common beliefs, emotions and sensitivities of our beloved nation.

I pray for the benediction of the Almighty for those who have lost their lives in this merciless attack and wish a speedy recovery for the injured. Those who try to create discord in our heavenly country which is a land of peace and security, those why try to intimidate our citizens through threats and attacks will be defeated thanks to the hopes we carry and the faith we cherish.

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