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Ramadan Tent Project – Discover The Community Spirit

During Ramadan in the UK and other countries, many international students are away from their families for most, or all of the month. As a time to reflect on God and serve people in need, many Muslims are searching for meaningful opportunities to serve. Fasting can mean there is extra food or money to be given away, but the best way to distribute it to those in need is not always clear. Additionally, within the community, many non-Muslims do not understand what Ramadan is and some want to learn but are too shy to ask.


Reading Ibn Sina in Ramadan

By İbrahim Kalın

Ibn Sina's philosophy is a call to open our minds and hearts to the truth which encompasses our existence and the holy month ​of Ramadan is an opportunity to heed this call


Ramadan drummers

Children wait on their balconies for the musaharati​, the man who roams the roads, beating drums to wake up the neighborhood to have the predawn suhoor meal and get ready to fast until sunset.

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