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Life and Islam

Akon, Janet Jackson, Other Celebs You Didn't Know Are Muslims

Ramadan 2015 begins on Thursday, 18 June, and while the beautiful religion of Islam is getting unfair flak worldwide due to the actions of a few jihadist groups, we thought it apt to mention a few Muslims who are making their community proud. Here are some celebrities, whom you may not have guessed, follow Islam:


Ramadan — A Journey To Become Closer To God

Ramadan, the month-long daily fasting that Muslims observe from dawn to dusk, begins next Thursday. A month of spiritual retreat — a detoxification of the body and soul — its goal is to bring us closer to God so that we become more conscious of Him in our day-to-day lives throughout the year.


Turkey Marks Barat Night

Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs organized a program late on Monday in every mosque of Turkey to mark the night of forgiveness, Laylat al-Baraa, also known as the Barat Night.


Michigan Muslim Forced To Remove Hijab

On Thursday, May 28, the Arab-American Civil Rights League held a press conference regarding a federal complaint filed by a Muslim American woman against the Oceana County Sheriff’s Department, for forcing her to remove her hijab when she was falsely arrested.

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