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Palestinian Shot, Injured After Alleged W. Bank Attack

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Woman is shot, seriously injured near Bethlehem after allegedly trying to ram Israeli soldiers with car

A Palestinian woman was shot and seriously injured Wednesday after allegedly trying to run over a group of Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank, according to an Israeli army statement. 

According to the army, the incident occurred at the Gush Etzion junction near the West Bank city of Bethlehem. 

"Security forces responded to the threat by shooting and injuring the attacker at the scene," the statement read.

"She was evacuated to receive medical treatment,” it added. “No injuries were reported among Israelis.” 

The Palestinian Health Ministry, for its part, has yet to comment on the incident.

Since October of 2015, 265 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army, most of whom were shot dead while allegedly carrying out attacks on Israelis or while clashing with Israeli troops.

Israel, for its part, says 47 Israelis have been killed over the same period in attacks carried out by Palestinians.

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