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Syria's Rojava Kurds Revolt Against PYD

  • Published in Mideast

A group of Syrian Kurds from the Syrian National Council (ENKS) in the town of Derik, a part of the Rojava region, revolted on Monday against the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a Syrian offshoot of the PKK terrorist organization.


Footage Shows Harsh Israeli Interrogation Of Palestinian Teen Ahmed Manasra Ahead Of Knife Attack Trial

  • Published in Mideast

Palestinian teen Ahmed Manasra went on trial before a Jerusalem court on Tuesday over an alleged stabbing attack last month that fueled a media war amid the ongoing deadly surge in Israeli-Palestinian violence. Manasra earlier came into prominence with the footage that show him lying on the floor his head bloodied as bystanders curse him and shout "Die!" in Hebrew.


Lax Security At Egypt's Airports Under Scrutiny After Russian Jet Crash

  • Published in Mideast

The airport security in Egypt, including in the Sinai resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, has long seen gaps such as lack of baggage scanning devices, lax searches at an entry gate for food and fuel for the planes and accepting bribe in return of helping passengers bypass the security control, security officials and passengers reported.

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