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Istanbul Museums Awaiting Children In Semester Break

Run by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Culture Inc., certain museums that offer a perspective on the city's long history, such as Miniatürk, the Basilica Cistern and the Panorama 1453 History Museum are awaiting children in the semester break that will run until Feb. 5


TRT Opens 200,000-Hour Visual Archive To Public

The visual history of Turkey, from political gatherings to musical performances, to soap operas and street interviews, are now open to online access for all, with an initiative taken by the Turkish Radio and Television The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) have realized the practice of "presenting the reproductions to internet users by classifying the archives in detail," which is being applied only in several countries around the world such as the U.K. and Sweden.


Enterprise: The Cure For Unemployment

  • Published in Tech

Large corporations or government agencies are having difficulty in taking bold steps regarding employment in the economic downturn due to profitability and budget constraints.

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