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CHP Angered over Armenian Candidate’s Genocide Remarks

  • Published in Politics

Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP)'s candidate of Istanbul's second electoral district, Selina Doğan, has made controversial remarks regarding the so-called Armenian 'genocide' claims, saying that she will be at Taksim Square on April 24, implying that she will attend the gathering organized by the Armenian community in Turkey to call for recognition of the 1915 incidents as 'genocide.' Doğan's remarks have caused intra-party tension among the members of CHP.


Turkey: Opposition, Govt Jointly Condemn EU Parliament

  • Published in Politics

Turkish parliament speaker, ruling AK Party and opposition parties, CHP and MHP, have jointly condemned European Parliament’s resolution on the 1915 eventsIn a rare move, Turkey’s ruling party and two main opposition parties have come together to issue a joint statement to strongly condemn the European Parliament’s recent resolution terming the 1915 events “genocide.”


Christie: I'm Still Relevant To 2016

  • Published in Politics

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he's still relevant to the presidential race and added that Hillary Clinton would have to earn her Democratic nomination, in an NBC interview taped on Wednesday.

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