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Victim Who Said “I Am Safe” On Facebook After Istanbul Terror Attack, Passes Away

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One of the victims of Tuesday's Istanbul Atatürk Airport terror attack has passed away on Wednesday after declaring 'I am safe' on Facebook's featured notification.

Abdülhekim Bugda, who is a Turkish citizen of East Turkistan background, announced through Facebook's feature that he was safe, but after the names of the killed victims were announced, his family members also found his name on the list, private broadcaster NTV said on its website.

According to the report, a relative of Bugda, Adil Batur, said that Bugda had moved to Turkey about 30 years ago.

Batur said that the victim had started to work at the airport about a month ago.

"We tried to reach him after the blasts. He did not answer the phone calls, so we looked at his social media accounts. On social media, there was 'I am safe' feature, so we checked that and saw he sent an 'I am safe' message. So we did not feel the need to call him further. After hearing the news in the morning we fell to pieces," Batur said.

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