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Istanbul Congress to Debate Technology Addiction

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Turkey’s Green Crescent to host 4th International Congress on Technology Addiction on Nov. 27-28 in Istanbul.

Turkey’s Green Crescent, also known as Yesilay, will host the 4th International Congress on Technology Addiction on Nov. 27 and Nov. 28 in Istanbul.

The congress will focus on raising awareness on the hazards of technology addiction.

During the two-day congress, a wide range of topics such as mobile phone addiction, online gaming, public health and addiction, online gaming addiction among kids, internet and social media addiction and cyberbullying will be discussed.

More than 21 experts from 14 countries are expected to participate in the congress, which also aims to provide “significant opportunities for international institutions and organizations in developing new strategies, alternative approaches”.

The Congress will be held at Istanbul's WOW Hotels and Convention Center.



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