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Ad-Free YouTube Could Be Launching Next Month

  • Published in Tech

We have been hearing for a while now that an ad-free YouTube could be coming in the near future. Note that YT only gave providers until October 22nd to agree to its new terms and didn’t actually confirm if the service is going live the same day – you might have to wait a bit longer before you can throw money at the website. That outcome would be a loss for YouTube, a loss for the thriving presence you’ve built on the platform, and above all, a loss for your fans. However, the service has remained in limited beta testing since its launch last November.


The New Gear VR Is Samsung's Public Bet That VR Is Consumer-Ready

  • Published in Tech

When Samsung announced the newest edition of its mobile virtual reality headset Gear VR, created in partnership with Oculus, it was less about hardware innovation and more of a statement: VR is consumer-ready. Yes, the headset's overall weight has been significantly reduced and its touchpad's been redesigned for easier access.

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