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Twitter Has Itself A Monday, Desktop Version Goes Down For Over A Half-Hour

  • Published in Tech

It doesn’t happen that often anymore (that’s the real story!), but is down. For the count. As of the time of publishing, it’s been down for about 45 minutes. We’ve checked Twitter’s status page on Tumblr, but there’s nothing there. We’ve also reached out to Twitter for comment and will update you once we hear back.


You Now Have Several Options To Own The New Version Of Apple’s Iphone

  • Published in Tech

Most consumers are worried about how to pay for an upgraded iPhone.  This time around, Apple has made sure that you have, perhaps the widest array of options to choose from.  Coming Wednesday, when Apple unveils the new iPhone, the biggest update will be the way in which consumers can pay for the device.


Iphone 6s: The 9 Best New Features

  • Published in Tech

Apple fans, the wait is finally over: Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are finally a reality. Months of leaks and rumors didn’t leave many surprises for Apple during its big press conference on Wednesday, but the event was still packed full of action and now it’s time to step back and take a deeper dive into Apple’s new iPhones.

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