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Istanbul’s Gezi And Maçka Parks To Be Reunited By Ecological Bridge

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The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has announced a project to connect Taksim's Gezi Park and Maçka Democracy Park with an ecological pedestrian bridge, planned for completion at the end of June.

Passing from Gezi Park to Maçka Park over Asker Ocağı Avenue, the Taksim Gezi Park Ecological Pedestrian Bridge will allow walkers to travel from Taksim to Dolmabahçe without stepping on roads or pavements. The 32-meter bridge will have a floor of earth and grass, as a continuation of the parks themselves.

According to the municipality, this bridge will restore unity to the two parks and give environmentally friendly access to and from the shore around Dolmabahçe. The area north of Taksim only began to be developed in the late 19th century, while before that time it was home to large fields and cemeteries where Istanbulites went for picnics and relaxation. While keeping the conveniences of modern roads, the bridge aims to recreate that historic landscape.

The bridge's ecological character comes from its covering of grass and local plants, changing with the seasons. Wild plants and meadow species will be integrated into the bridge with special additions to the structure. The joined ecosystems of Taksim and Maçka will also invite birds, insects, and mammals to a wider area, ensuring their variety and survival.

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