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Turkey: Nine Sent To Court Over Bolivian Drug-Haul Ship

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Thursday’s operation seized tons of illegal drugs off Libyan coast

Nine suspects arrested after a Jan. 6 seizure of a vessel carrying tons of illegal drugs appeared in a Turkish court on Saturday.

On Tuesday, Turkish security forces launched an anti-drugs operation in international waters off the coast of Libya, capturing 13.6 tons of marijuana in powder form.

This was reportedly planned for European countries, police said.

A Bolivian-flagged cargo vessel, the Joudi, docked Thursday in a Turkish port, the military confirmed on Friday.

Four prosecutors took testimony from the nine arrested crewmembers – all Syrian nationals – police said.

Turkish coast guards carried out the mission after getting special permission from the Turkish Foreign Ministry in cooperation with the Bolivian government.

The operation – codenamed ‘Albatross' – was carried out with the support of narcotics and special operations teams from the Turkish police.

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