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Security Forces Find 3 Dead Bodies Suspectedly Killed By PKK in Şırnak Mosque

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Security forces on Sunday have three dead bodies at a mosque, thought to be killed by PKK while carrying out anti-terror operations in Southeastern Şırnak province.

According to reports, security forces have found the bodies in Hazreti Hüseyin Mosque, located in Silopi district.

The three men are thought to have been executed by PKK terrorists five days ago, and their bodies have been transferred to Şırnak State hospital for an autopsy.

Meanwhile, the Turkish military has announced that 20 PKK terrorists have been killed in the ongoing operations carried out in Diyarbakır and Şırnak provinces, while 12 terrorists have been killed in Eastern Van province on Sunday.

The PKK-considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and EU, resumed its three-decade armed campaign against the Turkish state in late July.

Since Dec. 15, when security forces stepped up operations against the PKK in southeastern towns and cities, 305 terrorists have been killed, the military said.

Most of the casualties were recorded in Cizre and Sur as well as Silopi and in Şırnak province.

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