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Turkey Welcomes US Decision Revoking Sudan Sanctions

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Foreign ministry: Turkey stands ready to contribute to the normalization process of US-Sudanese relations.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Sunday welcomed the revocation of U.S. economic sanctions imposed on Sudan.

According to the ministry’s statement, Turkey “welcomes this development that constitutes a turning point in U.S.-Sudanese bilateral relations”.

“We believe that the revocation of the sanctions on Sudan will positively reflect on peace, stability and welfare in Sub-Saharan Africa”, the statement said.

The statement also said Turkey appreciates all sides that contributed to the outcome and “Turkey stands ready to contribute to the normalization process of U.S. - Sudanese relations to the best of its ability”.

The U.S. on Friday announced the permanent lift of sanctions against Sudan. The decision will go into effect on Oct. 12.

Last month, the U.S. administration removed Sudan from the list of countries whose citizens are subject to travel restrictions.


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