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Yusuf Ismail The Terrible Turk

Yusuf Ismail (1857 – July 4, 1898), also widely known as Youssouf Ishmaelo, was a Turkish professional wrestler who competed in Europe and the United States as Yusuf Ismail the Terrible Turk during the 1890s. During his lifetime, his native Turks knew him as Şumnulu Yusuf Pehlivan. However, writer Rıza Tevfik posthumously awarded him the honorific Koca ("great"), and thus he was later remembered as Koca Yusuf.


Boston Turkish Documentary & Short Film Competition Finalists Are Announced

10th  Boston Turkish Documentary and Short Film Competition, the first Turkish documentary and short film competition in North America, has announced its 2015 finalists. The competition finalists will be screened between November 6-14 at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston University,  and the Goethe-Institut Boston. The competition is organized by the Turkish American Cultural Society of New England (TACS-NE) which was established in 1964.

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